Network Provider to CCF & CLTS

Children Come First - billing codes supported by CCF over the 15+ years as providers; may not be part of the current contract

Individual Psychotherapy: This code applies to sessions facilitated by Nikki and held at The Forever Farm on cases where there is not a primary licensed mental health professional actively working* with the client. Refer to the "Services Provided" page for more details about Nikki's approach to therapy. Sessions are focused on the individual client but may include a variety of relationships during sessions (ie... client/birth-adoptive-foster parent, client/siblings, client/friend, etc). Conjoint sessions follow the ethics of AAMFT for such sessions in that they remain focused on the use of relationships to help individuals attain treatment goals.   * - "Actively working" = meeting at least once weekly with client engaging fully in a meaningful therapeutic manner that reflects progress toward POC goals in the most recent quarter.

In-Home Treatment: Literally meeting clients "where they are at" has allowed Nikki to partner with even the most reluctant youth in a meaningful and effective process of personal change. Nikki's approach to this service is best explained via a personal conversation as it depends on the nature of each case and is highly individualized.

Nikki now requires support for both of the above-named services when brought onto complex cases. The combination of Individual Psychotherapy at The Forever Farm and In-Home Treatment has allowed Nikki to be effective with many CCF youth who have previously been stuck in patterns of repeated institutional involvement and/or multiple foster home placement changes. On many of the most challenging cases, Nikki's focus begins with parallel work done with youth in solo sessions while sessions are also done with parents/caregivers in the same week, without the youth present. Family/system sessions only occur once Nikki is clear that to do so would be in the best interest of all involved AND meets the team's goals for her involvement.

Special Therapy: It covers all of the Therapeutic Horsemanship lessons and nature-based, animal-assisted sessions facilitated by Bob, who has been certified by NARHA. Occasionally this code has covered Nikki's services; please inquire for clarity.

Group Therapy: Providing therapy in a group format holds significant power to support clients as they move forward in their healing journey. Key benefits range from breaking isolation and supporting social-emotional growth to providing significant practice in applying new knowledge in real-life relationships within the group. Nikki has extensive experience facilitating groups for individuals and couples as well as for multi-family groups. Groups have focused on clients with a variety of needs including but not limited to: sexual abuse treatment, anger management, assertiveness skills for victims of violence, and grief & loss. Nikki is open to ideas from referral sources who recognize a lack of groups to meet a specific need in the community.

Consultation With Other Professionals: Nikki consults within face-to-face settings when a team wants a more systems-focused, trauma-informed perspective on cases where the current treatment team believes such a consult could benefit client(s). This fee is charged generally only for clients where Nikki is not a member of the team as she loves the collaborative process and attends team meetings for her clients at $0 charge per CCF policy whenever the team can find a mutually agreeable time. Occasionally this fee applies to her clients when the case requires more than one meeting per month at a time of crisis where the therapist's perspective is critical to planning.

Consultation With School Personnel: Nikki brings 20+ years as a licensed mental health professional AND a decade as a licensed professional educator to her role as a consultant for schools. She has "walked a mile" in the shoes of teachers who struggle to balance the demands of their role overall with the critical needs of each student. Nikki loves to support the needs of students and can do so in a meaningful way that comes from her years as an Agriscience Teacher for students in grades 6-12. Consults are most often via phone but may include face-to-face meetings including IEP and crisis-focused meetings.

Supported Day Services: This code covers our HOPE Day Service which, as of Fall, 2019, is only available on a limited basis during non-school days and Saturdays as well as summers. We require at least 2 units of Special Therapy to cover horse-related activities when we provide day services to clients.

Individual Skill Development: Bob uniquely provides this service. Clients had received significantly effective training in communication, interpersonal skills, problem-solving, decision-making, self-regulation, conflict resolution, and other specific needs identified in the participant’s Plan of Care by working alongside Bob doing farm-work or mechanic-focused work on the farm. This is a Saturday-only service during the school year but can be an exceptional summer experience for CCF youth.

CLTS - billing codes supported by CLTS current as of fall, 2019; may not be part of the current contract.

We are new to CLTS in the fall of, 2019 so are very open to discussing how our services could best support CLTS clients and those who care for them in an unpaid role. The best mode of contact is email due to the nature of our work. Please refer to the "Contact" link on the left side of the page for critical information regarding communication with us. We do not have administrative support so during busy times it is important to follow up again if you don't hear from us.

Training For Unpaid Caregivers (SPC 113.2): This code applies to the work Nikki does with unpaid caregivers to support their growth in capacity to successfully provide care for the CLTS client. Her extensive experience and training in a wide range of educational, mental health, and positive parenting realms are enriched by her training and experience in trauma-informed care and Medical Family Therapy. All of this allows her to meet the needs of a diverse range of care providers.

Counseling and Therapeutic Services (SPC 507.3): This code applies to the nature-based, animal-assisted therapeutic services provided at The Forever Farm.