Animals As Colleagues

Words have power. Billions of dollars are spent each year to train management in the finer points of managing personnel and helping people improve communication and social-emotional skills within personal relationships and settings like schools. Yet nobody can “train” someone to treat another with authentic respect. Hierarchy in relationships sets everyone up for a power struggle unless authentic respect is attained.

The cornerstone of our philosophy that supports all of our work has been created with mindful intention and set into the solid ground of believing that EVERYONE deserves to be treated with respect as sentient beings whose opinions and emotions matter.

Cornerstone = Animals are our colleagues. They are not "tools" we use in our business. They work as our equals, if not superiors. We deeply respect the intuitive wisdom of every animal colleague we are blessed to work alongside.

Staff, volunteers, and clients at The Forever Farm are each encouraged to open themselves to a new paradigm of working with animals. The animals have an inner wisdom that can’t be taught by humans. Much of the process used in Rhythms Of Hope programs is rooted in decades of experience allowing animal colleagues to lead the growth process via their innate ability to mirror the human members of the herd (or pack or flock, depending on the animal being worked with).

To truly allow an animal to lead, facilitators must accept their animal “colleague” as an equal in the process. This is a paradigm that challenges many people until they witness a breakthrough in learning or healing during a session at The Forever Farm where an animal has used their instincts to help in ways people with loads of letters behind their names spend a lifetime trying to figure out how to do.

NOTE:  If this sounds intriguing to any of you manager-types, talk with Nikki about organizational/corporate staff retreats available at The Forever Farm.